TCE Professional Knife Sharpening

Triple Tommi

Kellam Knives

Three hand forged Tommi knives in one sheath. The sheath is one peice of leather wrapped around a wood block and each knife has a beautiful friction fit. A truly unique combination of excellent knives.

These are the original Tommi knives that started the award winning tradition for razor sharpness and overall quality. Hand hammered over a charcoal fire as it has been done for generations since 1610. With knowledge passed from grandfather to father to son, the optimal knowledge of knife making developed to produce some of the best knives available anywhere. Each knife is carefully hand forged from silver steel into razor sharp blades that are Progressiontempered© resulting in the optimal razor sharp cutting edge. (61-62RC) Each blade, handle and sheath is made from scratch by one man whose initials are on the blade (OK, AK,VK) These are the original Tommis, there are many imitations, but none have the overall superior qualities of the originals.