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Mercer M20907 Genesis 7" Forged Usuba Knife with Full Tang Blade


 Chop up ingredients into tiny pieces for sushi with this Mercer M20907 Genesis 7" forged Usuba knife! Also known as a Nakiri knife, its classic rectangular blade helps to cut vegetables paper-thin for crisp, crunchy slices.

This Usuba knife from Mercer’s Genesis collection features an ergonomically designed handle comprised of Santoprene, a high performance material that feels soft and comfortable, while offering a nonslip grip, ensuring a safe and comfortable grip for all day use. The Santoprene handle will not break down when exposed to kitchen oils, and is able to withstand hot and cold temperatures. Its thick bolster strengthens the knife, adds durability, and provides optimal balance for a sturdy grip.

One piece, fully forged and razor sharp, this knife's blade is made of high carbon, traditional German no-stain steel that won't rust, corrode, or discolor. Its hand-polished edges are taper ground for superior stability, easy-honing, and long-lasting sharpness. This high-quality knife is ready for a lifetime of service in your commercial kitchen. NSF Listed.