TCE Professional Knife Sharpening

8" Granton Edge Butcher Knife

Granton® Edge


Often imitated, no other knife manufacturer can come close to the performance, strength and life of the original. Granton® Edge knives use an innovative fluted edge that creates air cushions which allow for very smooth, fast cutting. Granton® blades are made from fully hardened and tempered Sheffield stainless steel. Patented ground scallops are the secret to the Granton® advantage. Granton® Handles are double-tapered and ergonomically angled. For added comfort, the thumb platform is contoured and the blade back is rounded. Developed by Granton® over 50 years ago, the Granton® Edge is a superb razor sharp cutting edge that can be resharpened on a steel in the usual way.
  • Premium Stainless Steel Blade
  • Non-Slip Plastic Handle
  • Safety Guard