TCE Professional Knife Sharpening


Here's how:

For help please call:

(801) 568-EDGE(3343) or (208) 400-1887

For Kitchen Knives, describe the knife and the length of the blade and how many of each one. Describe any chips, nicks, broken or bent tips. 

       i.e. 3" Paring knife (3) one with broken tip, 6" Boning knife (2) both have chipped blades, 8" Chef knife (2)

For Hunting and Pocket Knives tell us the make and model and condition. Describe any chips, nicks, broken or bent tips. And if possible email picture of your knife with request for estimate.

Shipping Instructions

Wrap each knife individually in newsprint or packing paper. Pack tightly in packing box so as to prevent damage in transit. Please be sure to provide all contact info.... shipping address, email address and a phone number. 

Our preferred method of shipping is USPS 2-Day Priority.

Ship to:
The Cutter's Edge
113 118th St 
 Orofino, Idaho 83544

       Free return shipping on orders $50.00 or more.