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Welcome to The Cutter’s Edge,

Knives of all types can get dull, worn, and chipped. We can restore your knives with an edge even better than the day they were made.

Here at the Cutter’s Edge we specialize in the Convex Edge which gives you superior strength and durability and lasts 3 times longer than a conventional flat edge. It greatly reduces drag and fatigue and best of all, it increases precision and production!

All knives are finish honed with a leather stropping belt for razor sharp edges.

From The Owner,

Stephen Draper


Flat (V) Edge

The simplest and most widespread edge used in Factory knives, Restaurants and Meat Shops. The edge tapers from both sides of the blade, getting sharp, but sacrificing durability. Because of the sharp transition points it induces extra drag.


 Convex Edge   (My favorite)

This provides the most durable edge at a given angle and has less drag compared to other edge grind types due to smooth transition lines. Instead of tapering in a straight line, the edge is slightly curved outwards. Famous Japanese Samurai katanas featured this type of the edge. It will last 3 times longer than the conventional flat edge.

Live out side Boise Idaho?  Ask about are Mail-In Knife Sharpening Service

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